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Action Pro is your #1 choice for professional air duct cleaning.

1-Longevity, over 30 years in the business,at the same address.
2-Honest,affordable and completely upfront pricing.
3-Fully trained, background checked employee technicians.
4-Truly effective,time tested equipment and cleaning methods.
5-Knowledgeable,friendly customer service agents that answer the phone live.
6-Convenient scheduling including Saturdays,narrow arrival time windows,
and 30 minute pre -arrival calls or texts.
7-Satisfaction guaranteed or your money cheerfully refunded.
8-We are a locally owned and operated company with the reach and professionalism of a major franchise.

Can you ask for more?

Air Duct Cleaning Benefits
If you’ve ever changed your furnace filter, you’ve probably seen first-hand what collects in your duct system. Dust, dander, pet hair, various allergens, you name it. What you may not be aware of is just how much of that unhealthy soup passes right through even the best filters to go on and contaminate the air in your home. That is why periodic professional cleaning is highly recommended and the overwhelmingly positive feed back we have gotten over the decades supports that fully.

Professional duct cleaning not only improves indoor air quality, but also improves air circulation, helping to keep you cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter and increases unit efficiency, helping you save on burdensome energy and maintenance costs. Its truly a win -win!

From the main ducts to the supply and return vents in each room, our technicians make sure they’re deeply cleaned with the latest in safe, eco-friendly methods of air duct cleaning technology. Check out our Before & After page for a gallery of our work.

Our Duct cleaning packages always include:

Supply vents
Return vents
Main supply ducting*
Main return ducting*
Branch or trunk ducting*
System anti microbial treatment
Furnace blower area cleaning
Vent cover cleaning
Access panels, where needed, at no charge.
No hidden or trip charges
Visual inspection
Furnace Coil inspection

And most importantly, we do not charge extra
for heavily soiled ducting like many competitors.
We are there to clean. Period.

* All mains /branches connected to
a single furnace. For 2 or more furnace
households, please call for more info

Along with our professional duct cleaning Action Pro offers other needed
services such as:

Dryer vent and other stand alone vent cleaning services. see our dryer vent page for more info.

Mold remediation: see our HVAC Mold Removal page for more info.

Indoor air quality filtration systems: see our I.A.Q. page for more info.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning: did you know we also own and operate
one of the largest ChemDry carpet cleaning services in the Lehigh Valley
and Western New Jersey? We offer a great menu of needed services.

Handyman and construction services: We are partners with BDB /Remax
construction, providing high quality home improvements and needed
maintenance services including property management.

Have questions? Want to make an appointment? Call today or schedule an appointment online through our booking form!

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